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Hardware and software development

The development are based on a broad portfolio of technologies on the principles of optical metrology (see " products and technologies "). Mastering each of these technologies, as well as various aspects of mechanical, electronic and data processing equipment allows the realization of equipment "tailored" to meet specific industrial needs.

Software developed for these machines have simple and user-friendly graphical interfaces, making easily accessible the inherent complexity of software libraries owners.

Most of the proposed technology is protected by patent.
Software development
Holo 3 performs user-friendly software dedicated to the measurement by optical means. This software offers features and human-machine interfaces tailored to each user or device.  Software development
Hardware development
Example of development of equipment :
-  3D scanning sensor type M - EADS France
-  Control system for geometric glazing
-  Control Equipment of ceramic bars
-  Equipment for measuring deformation of glass - EEIGM
-  Equipment for vibration analysis of wood panels - US2B  Hardware development
Practical work benches
These benches have been developed to teach the techniques of optical measurement.  Practical work benches

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