Surface analysis


A metrology tool for quick quality control


Based on the deflectometry principle, the device allows the measurement of the local slopes of the surface. The 3D microgeometry of the surface is calculated by post-processing of the slope maps.


The device is well adapted to on-line measurement of roughness of milled metallic surfaces or to control the micro-geometry of tiny parts. The short measurement time (a few seconds), the high density of the cloud of points measured and the easiness of use make that device a powerful tool for on-line control.

A device dedicated to on-line control

No contact with the object

A few seconds recording time

A large amount of data : typically one million point for each recording

No need of accurate positioning of the object

Some features

Working distance : 10 mm

Field of view : 20×15 mm

Recording time : a few seconds

Z resolution (depth) : below 1 µm

Examples of applications

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