A professional team at your disposal

HOLO3 team

HOLO3’s administrative team is at your disposal for any general question.

The technical team has high skills in optics, mechanics, image processing, software development. Do not hesitate to ask your question in that technical matters.

  • Sophie Meyer
    Sophie Meyer Presidente
    • Jean-Pierre Chambard
      Jean-Pierre Chambard Management
      • Jessica PONS
        Jessica PONS Management / Accounting
      • Thierry BOZZOLI
        Thierry BOZZOLI Business Developer
        • Bernard DISCHLI
          Bernard DISCHLI Project management
          • Jérôme MORLOT
            Jérôme MORLOT Project management
            • Stéphanie JAMINION
              Stéphanie JAMINION R&D / software development
              • Vincent CHALVIDAN
                Vincent CHALVIDAN R&D / software development
                • Michel FERLET
                  Michel FERLET Software development
                  • Julien MATHIEU
                    Julien MATHIEU Software development
                    • Jean-Philippe Herold
                      Jean-Philippe Herold Software development
                      • Eric Dabek
                        Eric Dabek Software development
                        • Daniel FUSCO
                          Daniel FUSCO Metrology service
                          • Anne-Christine RAPPENECKER
                            Anne-Christine RAPPENECKER Metrology service
                            • Pierre JOUROT
                              Pierre JOUROT Metrology service
                              • Alain Bonnet
                                Alain Bonnet Projects manager
                                Virtual Reality
                                • Frédéric COLOMINA
                                  Frédéric COLOMINA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT RÉALITÉ VIRTUELLE
                                  • Alexis Nieto
                                    Alexis Nieto Virtual Reality Development
                                    • Brice PAROLIN
                                      Brice PAROLIN Virtual Reality Development
                                      • Fathène Chekatt
                                        Fathène Chekatt Virtual Reality Development