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Speckle interferometry

This technique is based on the coherence of laser illumination and allows to measure micro-displacements at the surface of an object. It is a non-contact full field technique.

An imaging interferometric technique

Speckle interferometry

Speckle interferometry allows to measure static or dynamic displacement maps that occur on an object submitted to mechanical loading.

Speckle interferometry allows to identify quickly the eigenmodes of a vibrating object.

Advantages of speckle interferometry

Displacement resolution : +/- 0.1 µm

Eigenmodes of a vibrating object with the damping factors

Object size : from several mm2 to several m2

Measurement of mechanically or thermally induced strain

Efficient on every kind of materials


FEM simulation up-dating

Mechanical behavior analysis ( on single object or complex structure)

Behaviour of bonding

Optical bench for education purpose

Examples of applications

Vibration modes of a clamped plate

Mesure de déplacement d’une éprouvette sous contrainte

Champ des contraintes à la surface d’une rondelle serrée dans un étau

Analyse modale de roues de turbines

HOLO3‘s offer

We offer a complete package including equipment and software :

– Camera, speckle interferometer, laser source, recording system
– FA4 (Fringe Analysis) software
– Training and assistance

We carry out measurement on demand

We offer also speckle interferometry setups for education purpose :

TV-Holography bench: NDT (NonDestructive Testing) and vibration applications
In-plane speckle interferomer: strain measurement applications

Speckle interferometry