Experiment – Simulation


A unique software for the recording and 2D and 3D processing.


Digital image correlation allow non-contact measurement of displacement and strain of an object submitted to mechanical loading during experiments, for every kind of material. The software allows an easy link between experiment and simulation.


We offer service and deliver complete package (equipment and software) on demand.

Some unique features of CorreliSTC

Unique software for recording and processing (2D and 3D)

Full field measurement

A specific processing of the data (global approach) that allows :

-measurement of up to 400 % strain

-direct link to the simulation

Uncertainty :

below 1/10 pixel

Real time processing

Virtual gauges and profiles

Automatic report editor

Easy set up and calibration


All kind of materials : metal, plastic, composite, wood, soil, foam

Aeronautics, automotive industry, energy, healthcare

Research and development of new materials


Examples of applications

Airbus Helicopter

See Fast Technoligies – Caméras ProcImage500 Eagle

University of New York

HOLO3‘s offer

We offer a complete package including equipment and software :


– CorreliSTC software (optional : 2D, 3D, Fissure-fit,..)
– Camera, illumination, synchronization and acquisition board,..
– Training and assistance
We carry out on-site measurement on demand