3D digitization

Structured lighting technology

A technology adapted for the control on line

Structured lighting

The structured lighting technology is based on the projection of stripes on the object to be measured and the recording by a camera of these stripes that are deformed by the 3D shape of the object.


After image processing, we can calculate for each pixel of the camera the distance to the surface of the object. From one recording we get then a dense cloud of 3D points that matches the 3D shape of the object.


No contact with the object

Short recording time : a few seconds

Large amount of data : about one million points for one recording and several million for a complete object

Post-processing and archiving of data

Versatility : easy to change from one part to control to another

Some features

Working distance : from 50 mm to several meters

Measurement volume : from 20x15x10 mm to 2.5x2x1 m

Recording time : from 1 to 10 seconds depending on the type of surface

Uncertainty of the measurement (2σ) : 50 microns for a measurement volume of 220x150x80 mm

Examples of applications

Dimensional control of a turbine blade

3D control of an aluminium part

HOLO3 is designing and realizing on demand equipment for on line control

HOLO3’s offer

Equipment includes :


– part positioning
– one or several optical sensor(s) : structured lighting, white light interferometry, laser triangulation, confocal sensor,..
– data processing : OK, NOK, archiving
– integration on robot

Structured lighting