3D digitization

Service in 3D digitization

Reverse engineering applications

It consists of digitizing a real object and of using the resulting cloud of 3D points to calculate the parametric surfaces that matches the measured 3D points. We get at the end the CAD file of the object.


There are several cases when reverse engineering is useful :


– to get a CAD file of an old object either to produce copies or to modify the cad file for a new designing
– to get the CAD file that corresponds exactly to the object produced
– to get the CAD file of an handmade object…

Metrology applications

The cloud of 3D points resulting from the digitization is used here to check the geometry of the object.


Several kinds of post-processing may be done :


– global comparison of the measured points with the original CAD file
– checking of the geometrical specifications of the product
– follow up of the production : identification of a product quality, traceability of product specifications
– production process optimization

The main advantages of a 3D digitization

Save time

Get a large amount of data

Decide what you want to do with the data (post-processing)

Traceability, production follow up

A large choice of equipment

HOLO3 can select the equipment adapted to a given application :

Structured light sensors and HOLOMAP® sensors

Measurement arm equipped with laser digitizer

Laser tracker

Optical measurement machine : Mitutoyo, Smartscope,..

Examples of applications

Reverse engineering


3D digitization

HOLO3‘s offer

HOLO3 is taking in charge the 3D digitization in laboratory or on site, as well as the post-processing of the data.

Service in 3D digitization