3D digitization

HOLOMAP® technology

A technology adapted for the control on line


HOLOMAP technology is based on the deflectometry principle that consists of imaging a grid by reflection on the surface to be controlled.


This technology is efficient on specular (shiny) surfaces.


No contact with the object

Short recording time : from less than a second to a few seconds

Large amount of data : typically one million points for one recording

Ability to detect tiny surface defects

Post-processing and archiving of data

Versatility : easy to change from one part to control to another

Some features

Working distance : 1.5 m

Measurement volume : from 200x200x10 mm to 2x2x1 m

Recording time : from less than a second to a few seconds

Uncertainty of the measurement (2σ) : 100 microns for a measurement volume of 1000x1000x500 mm

Examples of applications

3D shape measurement of a car lateral glass

Control of the flatness of a mirror

Measurement of a car rear window

HOLO3 is designing and realizing on demand equipment for on line control

HOLO3’s offer

Equipment includes :


– part positioning
– one or several camera
– data processing : OK, NOK, archiving
– integration on robot