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de service

Sans investissement coûteux, profitez des compétences et des équipements de pointe d’HOLO3 lorsque vous en avez besoin.

Conception & réalisation


Faites réaliser des équipements sur mesure pour du contrôle en ligne ou en salle de métrologie.

recherche &


Evaluez la faisabilité d’un procédé innovant en réponse à votre besoin spécifique


de technologie

Intégrez dans votre portfolio une technologie optique innovante pour la commercialiser en toute autonomie.



Directly use the high level know-how and equipment of HOLO3 when you need it.

Equipment design

and realization

Order the equipment dedicated to your specific need for on-line control.


and development

Assess the feasibility of a technology in your environment

Technology selling

and transfer

Add a new technology in your product.

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Optical metrology

HOLO3 is an innovation center specialized in optical metrology.
The principal aim of HOLO3 is to bring new technologies from a research level (TRL 4) to an industrial level (TRL9).
To that purpose HOLO3 carries out research and development programs, offer service action to industrial companies, designes and realizes sensors and equipment and manage technology transfer operations.

HOLO3 is a member of MICA Carnot institute that is a merging 17 research laboratories and technical centers (550 researchers, 30 M€ turnover). In the field of materials, surfaces and interfaces, MICA offer a full range of services to companies from the research level to the industrial level.

Our last achievements

R&D, an essential mission

HOLO3 is carrying out applied research programs either supported by Regional, National or European public funding institution or directly by private companies.

The main missions taken in charge are :

– adapt a technology to a particular use
– evaluate a technology when used in a given environment (that is representative of the final use aimed at)
– check the feasibility of the use in actual environment
– qualify a technology in actual environment

Service offer

HOLO3 is every day enforcing  innovative technologies in response to the companies needs.

That kind of service includes :

– on demand measurement, in laboratory
– on site measurements
– training (agreement No 42 68 01901 68)
– consulting

Technology selling and transfer

Would you like to add one of our technology in your product?

We can propose one of the following license agreements:

– run time license : pay a license each time you need it and take advantage of the evolutions that are continuously made
– or buy the technology for a given application and manage it in complete autonomy

Equipment design and realization

Holo3 has acquired a large experience in designing industrial equipments that use optical technologies (measurement and control technologies, display).

We can take in charge a complete project, from the functional analysis to the set up on site.

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